Professor Emeritus
Professor Emeritus
Dole Human Development Center, Room 3090

Areas of Specialization:

Aging and Life Course, Work and Retirement, Possessions, Residential Relocation

Associate Professor Emerita
Shirley A. Hill
Professor Emerita
Associate Professor Emeritus
785-864-9430 | 710 Fraser Hall
Joey Sprague
Professor Emerita
William G. Staples
Research Professor, Institute for Policy & Social Research, Director, Surveillance Studies Research Center, Professor Emeritus, Sociology
Blake Hall, Rm 607

Areas of Specialization:

Surveillance Studies, Cultural Sociology, Historical Sociology, Social Control

Professor Emerita
Assistant Professor Emeritus
Professor Emeritus
Mary Zimmerman
Adjunct Professor Emerita in Sociology, Professor, Ph.D. Program Director, Health Policy & Management, University of Kansas Medical Center
Student Center 5002

Areas of Specialization:

Medical Sociology, Social Inequalities and Gender Relations, Research Methods

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