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Why intern?

You can gain hands on experience in your area of study for class credit.

We offer an internship course, Sociology 490 to encourage students to think sociologically about social issues by working as volunteer interns for non-profit community or campus organizations.


21 credits in sociology with a 3.0 GPA, submission of proposal outlining internship, and permission of the instructor.

  • You must submit a proposal developed in consultation with the sociology faculty member who will supervise the internship.
  • Enrollment must be approved by the Undergraduate Studies Committee. 
  1. Name of organization sponsoring the internship.
  2. Sociological interest of social issue this organization addresses.
  3. Your specific learning objectives.
  4. Number of hours to be spent on-site each week.
  5. Grading criteria that you and a faculty supervisor have agreed upon.
  6. Include a letter of support from the director of the sponsoring organization.

Proposals must be submitted to the Undergraduate Studies Committee no later than the final week of the semester prior to the proposed internship.

You must submit a copy of your field notes and a final paper approved by your faculty supervisor to the Director of Undergraduate Studies.