Minor in Sociology

A Sociology minor enhances the perspective on your major field.


A minor consists of 18 credit hours of course work which includes SOC 104 and at least 12 hours of Sociology courses at the Junior/Senior level, including 9 taken in residence here at KU. A minimum GPA of 2.0 is required.
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Majors often paired with a Sociology minor

Numerous majors can be paired with a Sociology minor, but these are the majors we often see paired with a Sociology minor:

  • Journalism 

  • Business 

  • Education 

  • Psychology 

  • Anthropology 

  • American Studies 

  • Economics 

  • Applied Behavioral Science 

  • History 

  • Political Science 

  • Global and International Studies 

Declare a minor

Schedule an appointment with Academic Advisor Mikhayla Sheeley to declare a Sociology minor or learn more about the minor.