Statement of Solidarity with Faculty and Staff of Emporia State University

Many have witnessed Emporia State University's decision to terminate tenured faculty, staff, and academic programs. The faculty and students of the Department of Sociology acknowledge and stand in solidarity with the faculty and staff of Emporia State. We understand that financial hardships have created the need for difficult decisions. However, the actions of Emporia State do not reflect the best interest of higher education in Kansas. Teaching universities thrive on their ability to offer an excellent educational experience taught by passionate professionals. As fellow scholars, it is troubling to witness the mistreatment of academics that have contributed to the university's success. The removal of qualified educators, dedicated staff, and critical academic programs demonstrates a lack of concern for the educational experience of students at Emporia State and the well-being of Kansas's academic atmosphere. We strongly urge the leadership of Emporia State University to reconsider their decision to terminate faculty, staff, and academic programs, restoring validity to tenure and honor to higher education in Kansas.