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Undergraduate Admission

Admission to the MajorProf. Obadare in class with students

These courses are required before declaring:

  • SOC 104/304
  • MATH 101
  • At least one other course with the SOC prefix

-Upon completion of these three courses, students intending to major in Sociology must achieve a minimum 2.5 admission GPA. The admission GPA will include SOC 104/304, MATH 101, and all -other SOC prefixed courses completed at the time the student declares their intent to major in Sociology. Students should declare their intent to major in Sociology during the semester they are enrolled in the last of the courses required for admission to the Major. To do so, please make an appointment with our Advising Specialist, Mikhayla Sheeley, by calling 785-864-3500.

Requirements for Majors

Sociology majors must complete College of Liberal Arts and Sciences requirements for both the BA or BGS degree and a total of 33 credit hours of course work in Sociology. Course work in Sociology must include the following:

  • One elements or principal course: SOC 104, SOC 105, or SOC 304
  • Two research skills courses: SOC 280 AND SOC 380 - Please note that SOC 280 is a prerequisite for SOC 380 and they may not be taken concurrently.
  • One theory course: SOC 480

Important considerations to plan with: It is unwise to defer a required course until the last semester before graduation as it might not be offered during a given semester. Further, students planning to complete their major requirements during a summer session should be aware the department offers mainly introductory-level courses during the summer. Junior/Senior courses are not routinely offered during summer sessions.

Residence Requirements

  • At least 15 credit hours at the 300-level or above including SOC 280, SOC 380, and SOC 480 must be taken at KU. No more than 6 credit hours of sociology courses taken through correspondence or continuing education programs may be applied to the major
  • Fifteen of the remaining 21 credit hours must be in courses numbered 300 or above. No more than 3 credits of SOC 490, SOC 598, and SOC 698 or 6 credits of SOC 499 can be used to satisfy this 15 credit hour requirement
  • The grade point average for all Sociology course work at the 300 and above levels must be no lower than 2.0

Recommended Path through the Major:

1,2 & into 3
Complete SOC 104, MATH 101, and at least one other SOC course
3 & 4
When qualified, declare intent to major. Set an appointment with the Sociology Advisor at 785-864-3500. Complete SOC 280 (Methods) and 1-2 other courses at the 300 level or above
5 & 6
Complete SOC 380 (Methods) and 1-2 courses at the 300 level or above.
Discuss options for independent work (readings, internships, honors research) with your advisor. If planning an internship, please apply for approval
7 & 8
Complete Soc 480 (Theory) and 1-2 other courses at the 300 level or above; complete internships; if pursuing Honors in the Major, begin work on thesis under direction of your advisor.
Complete required credits by pursuing special interests; if pursuing honors: complete research


The Sociology Minor

The minor consists of 18 credit hours of course work which includes SOC 104/304 and at least 12 hours in Sociology courses at the Junior/Senior level, including 9 hours taken in residence at KU. A minimum GPA of 2.0 is required.

To declare a minor, please make an appointment with our Advising Specialist, Mikhayla Sheeley, 785-864-3500.

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