Megha Ramaswamy

Megha Ramaswamy
  • Adjunct Professor of Sociology
  • Professor of Population Health

Contact Info

Robinson Hall, Room 4004C
Medical Center, Kansas City
3901 Rainbow Blvd
Kansas City, KS 66160


Moving between New York City and Kansas City throughout her educational career, Megha brings an emphasis on the intersection of urban living, race, class, gender, and health to her work at the University of Kansas Medical Center. Megha recently completed a PhD in Sociology at City University of New York, The Graduate Center. Her dissertation research was on progressive masculinities and social and policy factors that structure health and social risk for young men involved in the criminal justice system. Megha is continuing her work in criminal justice facilities in Kansas City by focusing on social and policy barriers to health during the transition from jail to community. While at the University of Kansas Medical Center, Megha will also teach and help coordinate the MPH program in Kansas City. Megha brings several years of experience as an undergraduate instructor, advisor, and fieldwork coordinator at City University of New York, Hunter College. Megha was also formerly on the Board for the Kansas Public Health Association and the Public Health Association of New York City. She will continue advocating for health and social equality in Kansas City.



Health Policy, Social Inequality