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The Department

The University of Kansas Department of Sociology is the oldest sociology department in the country and enjoys an international reputation. The department offers a unique, wide-ranging approach to the study of society and gives its students the freedom to shape challenging personal degree programs. Strong advising, teaching, and mentoring help keep students on track and ensure personal attention.

The Faculty

The department’s faculty have earned outstanding reputations in diverse areas of research. Faculty specialties include social theory, race and ethnicity, social movements, sex and gender, work and organizations, the Third World, law and criminal justice, and medical sociology. Many faculty members have been recognized for their excellence in teaching. If you would like further information about the Department of Sociology and for answers to questions about career opportunities and advising, contact Professor Tracey LaPierre, Undergraduate Director, Department of Sociology, University of Kansas, Fraser Hall, Room 716, Lawrence, KS.

A Sociology Major

A sociology major can give you the knowledge of social relations and society that will enhance your career opportunities. Depending on your interests, the sociology courses you’ve taken, and your second major, this degree opens doors to entry-level positions. The department’s graduates work in personnel administration, social service agencies, and business. They are journalists, researchers, social workers, and statisticians. Your sociology degree is excellent preparation for graduate studies in sociology as well as in areas such as social welfare, public administration.


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