Jacob Lipsman

Summer 2020 Ph.D. Graduate!
Primary office:


Areas of Specialization

Environmental sociology; Political sociology; Collective behavior and social movements; Political ecology; Planning and sustainability


Courses Taught:

SOC 104: Elements of Sociology
SOC 385: Environmental Sociology
SOC 385: Environmental Sociology (online)
SOC 563: Sociology of Surveillance (online)

Selected Publications

Lipsman, Jacob E. Forthcoming. "Non-Decision Power and Political Opportunity: Exposing Structural Barriers to Mobilization in Louisiana's Coastal Restoration Conflict." Social Currents

Matlock, Adrianne Showalter, and Jacob E. Lipsman. 2020.Mitigating Environmental Harm in Urban Planning: An Ecological Perspective.” Journal of Environmental Planning and Management 63(3):568-84. doi:10.1080/09640568.2019.1599327.

Lipsman, Jacob E. 2019.Local Knowledge and Democracy in Fisheries Management: A Case Study of Adaptation to the Anthropocene in Southeast Louisiana.” Ecology and Society 24(4):20. doi:10.5751/ES-11100-240420. 


Jacob’s research lies at the intersection of environmental and political sociology. His dissertation work analyzes the processes by which vulnerable communities in southeast Louisiana negotiate economic risk and environmental security as they face impacts stemming from human intervention in the local environment. This project uses a political ecology framework to analyze changes in local risk distribution stemming from policy interventions in the state’s coastal erosion crisis. The study investigates various dimensions of these risk impacts including the extent to which local people and local knowledge are incorporated into the State’s coastal planning process and the structure of local mobilization against elements of the State’s coastal master plan. Jacob has also been engaged in collaborative work investigating sustainability in urban planning and critically evaluating the best practices and implementation strategies of urban planners’ sustainability efforts.

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