Three Undergrads

Sociology majors can earn a Bachelor of Arts (BA) or Bachelor of General Studies (BGS). Both the BA and the BGS require a generous sampling of courses in the humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences. Students earning a BA take courses in a foreign language and a laboratory science. Because of its compatibility with other majors, many of our students earn double majors. For example, many sociology undergraduates also major in history, philosophy, political science, or anthropology, or earn a second degree in journalism. With careful planning and early advising, you could complete a double major within four years.

Degrees offered:

MA Graduate Natalie Jansen! Spring 2015

Our Ph.D. program is a vibrant intellectual community of about 20 faculty members and graduate students. We admit graduate students with either bachelor's or master's degrees. Our faculty members are nationally and internationally recognized scholars with impressive records of research, publication, teaching, and grant-funded study. Founded in 1890, we are the oldest sociology department in the United States, and, as such, we have a long and distinguished history of rigorous training in both qualitative and quantitative study.

We subscribe to an apprenticeship philosophy of graduate education in which faculty and students treat education as a joint enterprise. The department is noted for the intense exchange of ideas among its graduate students, a strong culture of student mentoring and support, and faculty-student collaboration. 

Degrees offered:

Graduate Student Kudos

PhD student Sam Kendrick has a new article out in Sexuality and Culture - way to go!

Congrats to PhD student Matt Erickson - his article with Dr. Kim is out in Social Forces!

Recent PhD graduate Danny Alvord will start a Visiting Assistant Professor position at Bucknell University this August!

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