Sociology: Undergraduate

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Recommended Path through the Major:

Year 1 & 2: Take SOC 104, Math 101, and at least one other SOC course.
Year 2:

When qualified, declare intent to major.  Take SOC 280 (Methods) and 1-2 other courses at the 300 level or above.

Year 3:

Take SOC 380 (Methods) and 1-2 other courses at the 300 level or above.

Discuss options for independent work (readings, internship, honors research) with your advisor.  If planning an internship apply for approval (see Department website for process).

Year 4:

Take SOC 480 (Theory) and 1-2 other courses at the 300 level or above; do internship, if pursing Honors in Major, begin work on thesis under direction of your advisor. Complete required credits by pursuing special interests; if pursuing honors: complete research.  

Research Experience Certification

As part of satisfying a Sociology major, you take at least two courses in research skills – Sociology 280 and Sociology 380. If you find out that you like doing research, you may want to pursue Research Experience Certification8. The only additional requirement to earn certification is to participate in an actual research project, either by working with a faculty member on their research or by doing your own project under faculty supervision. If you are interested in this, be sure to arrange your schedule so that you finish your second methods course no later than the semester before you plan to graduate (and two semesters would be even better). Also talk with a faculty advisor as soon as possible.

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