Shane Willson

Doctoral Candidate
Primary office:


Areas of Specialization

Theory; Political Economy; Globalization; Historical Methods; Feminist Methods

Shane Willson is a doctoral cadidate in the sociology department at the University of Kansas. He received a BA in Philosophy with a minor in Economics in 2006 and a master’s degree in Sociology with a concentration in Political Economy in 2011, both from the University of Tennessee. His master’s thesis (available here) elaborates the macrohistorical causes of the financial crisis: neoliberal globalization, financialization, and world hegemony.

Shane’s main interests lie in comparative historical methods, political economy, Feminism, and Frankfurt School critical theory.

His current projects include (1) a historical look at derivatives in the world-system and (2) an exploration of feminist standpoint epistemology and its utility as a practical research method.

Shane also works as an editorial assistant for Current Perspectives in Social Theory and as a founding editor for Catalyst: A Social Justice Forum.

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