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Dr. Rauscher finalist for major grant on health policy research

Thursday, December 07, 2017

LAWRENCE — Emily Rauscher, University of Kansas assistant professor of sociology, has been selected as a William T. Grant Foundation 2018 Scholars Finalist. If awarded, she would receive $350,000 over a five-year period and participate in annual meetings and professional development in health policy and qualitative research methods. 

Rauscher is one of 10 early career researchers selected by staff and the selection committee as a finalist for the award.
Her project, titled “Medicaid and Educational Inequality: Identifying Opportunities to Improve the Equalizing Potential of Child Health Policy,” would examine the relationship between access to public health insurance in childhood and inequality of educational attainment and achievement later in life. For example, one part of her research will compare the black-white achievement gap among cohorts born before and after Medicaid was implemented. Learning more about the relationship between health insurance and educational inequality could help identify more effective methods for improving equality between groups, Rauscher said.  
Finalists will be interviewed in February 2018, and scholars will be announced in March.

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