Adrianne Showalter Matlock

Doctoral Candidate
Primary office:
Fraser Hall
Room 754


Areas of Specialization

Globalization; Social Movements; Political Economy; Social Inequality; Theory

Adrianne received her M.A. in Sociology at KU in December 2012, and a B.S. in Sociology and B.A. in Cross-Cultural Ministry from Southern Nazarene University. She currently resides in the historic Strawberry Hill neighborhood of downtown Kansas City, KS. Adrianne's work in the nonprofit sector both in South Africa and the American Midwest have driven her to pursue research that explores innovative alternative approaches to community development and social change as well as potential pitfalls within predominant approaches and paradigms. Her thesis research examined the daily mobility patterns of intentional Christian community members as they strive to connect with and serve the poor in their community as an expression of their lifestyle. Intentional communities provide insight into the ways that people use their lifestyles to embrace or resist aspects of postmodern culture. Through daily mobility choices, intentional community members navigate the conflicting tensions of class segregation,environmental degradation, isolation, and capitatlist-driven advancements in transportation and communication technology. Adrianne is currently investigating the relationship between the nonprofit sector and income inequality, and the potential relationship between the rise of income inequality over the past several decades and the concurrent growth of the nonprofit sector.

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